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Audio logs are available on this site as a bonus to our readers. Each audio log corresponds to specific characters or chapters from the ARK series. These mini audio-dramas add rich lore to the world of ARK that cannot be reproduced in the collected trade paper backs. Enjoy the voice talents of numerous actors today.

Kingdom Chronicles

The Kingdom stood for peace, justice, and stability. Now in the throes of civil war many citizens are shocked by the barbarism of their foes and the dispassion of their allies. If the Kingdom proper will not aid the warring Frontier Worlds, to whom will they turn?

Watcher's Warning

The ever present Balthazar, Watcher of Sector 169, begins to see something anomalous. These shadows move and flicker out from his countless eyes as nothing ever has. Could this be a sign of things to come? Or has Balthazar become paranoid in his eternal vigil?

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The Survivor

With the planet Esdraelon in near collapse the survivors must make do without their best and brightest citizens. The aid of their saviors from other worlds will not remain forever. Now life on the barren rocky world has become a race to rebuild. A new leader must rise from the ashes of the old.

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Invitation Letter

The core worlds and the treasure planets live starkly different lives from the rest of the Frontier. The privileged and wealthy make lofty testimonials of divine providence, but where is the action that proves their claims? A high born heir to the seat of power decides against complacent hypocrisy. She decides to do something about the threat of war.

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The Academy on Hyppo-Bet is the only institution of higher learning within Space Sector 169. The latest class of graduates have petitioned the head master for a special guest speaker. To everyone's surprise their request was  granted. The valedictorian of last cycle agreed to deliver the closing remarks for the graduation ceremony.

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Rebel Records

After a million cycles of servitude many low born citizens of the Frontier worlds have slaughtered their masters. The spark of this rebellion spreads across all space. Led by the enigmatic Sun Lord; these one time serfs and ciphers are now the slavers they claim to hate. A wave of untrained barbarians roll over every world they encounter until they reach Space Sector 169. Will their first taste of organized resistance make them rethink their rebellion?

Lucky Arrow

The world of Sumer lies just beyond Sector 169. The regulars of a rebel infantry division plunder and murder without hesitation. Sumer is not their first victim. It will not be their last. In the aftermath two comrades speak frankly about their situation.

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The Captain

Many of the roving rebels idealize their leader. Captain Sisera is a larger than life character in their eyes. He claims to be from high birth. All his trappings and mannerism corroborate his tales, but one person knows the truth. Lieutenant Zar grew up with Sisera and groans under his manicured façade.

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Regular Rebels

With many of the irregular rebels eliminated the actual trained army of the Sun Lord joins the fray. These battle hardened volunteers know war. They have faced militia and crusaders before. Have they seen the like of Sector 169's defenders? Will the finally best them?

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Master of Madness

The rebels are in retreat. The loyalist defenders have tactics and a champion that seem unbeatable. However the rebels have a secret weapon of their own. Though his own soldiers remain wary of him, the Master of Madness has never known defeat. Those serving under him believe he is more than a match for the Champion of Ekezek.

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